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Hi and welcome to UK Fishkeeping, our goal is to help people get started and truly enjoy the hobby of fish keeping whether its a small kids aquarium to a full outdoor pond build. We offer simple advice using UK measurements, weights etc.

Some of the most confusing things for us stating out was that most of the information online was written/broadcast for the American Market and in the UK we don’t use the same systems for measuring and weighing.

Now don’t get me wrong we love watching a lot of the US Youtube channels such as Aquarium CO-OP, KG Tropicals, The King of Diy (Canadian Youtuber and a must watch), and so many more.

But more importantly we wanted to make UK Fishkeeping for the UK using not only our system of weights and measurements but also common terminology in an effort to make the hobby as accessible as possible to everyone.

UK Fishkeeping Home
Our 85 Litre Guppy Aquarium